Les Pyrénées,
an integral part of Mont de Marsan’s history

Les Pyrénées Hotel-Restaurant has been a veritable institution in Mont de Marsan since 1938.


From tradition…

The business was managed for many years by Albertine Masson, whose in-laws had taken over the hotel in 1938. Albertine joined the hotel as a waitress in 1957 and became the owner's wife, running Les Pyrénées until 2007.

The “whole of Mont-de-Marsan” has rubbed shoulders here, especially managers and players from the Montois stadium (Camille Pedarre, the Boniface brothers, Jean-Baptiste Haristoy, Benoit Dauga, Pierrot Pascalin, Pierre Lacroix, etc.) and local councillors, such as Philippe Labeyrie, former mayor and senator, and Henri Emmanuelli.

During the Madeleine bullfights, Les Pyrénées was the dining spot for the bullfighters who starred in the Plumaçon ruedo, most of whom became friends of Albertine such as Paquirri, Victor Mendès, Ruiz Miguel, Manzanares Snr, who all vied for Room 15 on the second floor with El Yiyo, Nimeño II and Padilla…

In 2007, Patrick Brethes took over. He helped make Les Pyrénées a Mecca for the Madeleine fetes – leaning on a barrel, customers re-enacted the bullfight while sharing a drink and tapas in the midst of a happy crowd.

… to the present-day

In 2018, Marc Giraud took over. This former rugby player comes from a family of hotel managers and restaurateurs going back 3 generations. In Mont de Marsan, he is already known for having brilliantly managed the Restaurant du Golf in Saint-Avit.

At Les Pyrénées, he naturally wants to keep the spirit of the place, in which almost every Montois (Mont de Marsan residents) has a fond memory, of a baptism, a communion, a wedding or of the Madeleine fetes…
By adapting the hotel-restaurant to the times, Marc Giraud wishes above all to continue making it enjoyable for his guests, by giving them a convivial and gourmet experience. So let the party continue!
In 2020 the hotel's rooms were completely renovated.